Transport services are provided by our affiliate Notsub Shipping Company.

Terms & Conditions

1) Total fee to be paid is equal to the maximum between 200k credits and the following:


The sum of:


Type of cargo

Price (credits)


20k each one

(if located in same city, 20k for the first NPC and 10k for each extra NPC)


50k each one


20k each one

(if located in same city, 20k for the first Droid and 10k for each extra Droid)


50k for all items up to 1 Ton (included)

+ 10k for each extra Ton


100k for all vehicles up to a total weight of 10 Tons (included)

+ 20k for each extra Ton


100k for all ships (except capital) up to a total weight of 400 Tons (included)

+ 20k for each extra Ton
capital ships - negotiable






20k credits per day in hyperspace

  • Length shall be determined on the basis of the transport which carries out the job and pilot skill = 4. 
  • Hours will be rounded to the next day.

2) We also accept . The exchange rate will be the most recently one published by the Krath Dynasty.


3) Half of the fee is payable upfront as a deposit. If you cancel the job, this deposit shall not be refunded.


4) Our pilots must be given quick access to the cargo when loading and unloading (max 24h after arrival time). After 24h, 30k credits will be charge for each day of wait. 

For orders, just contact the Management.

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